Taylor Newlands

Taylor Newlands

Digital Editor

When she's not creating and overseeing digital content for Foodism, you can find Taylor sippin' on a sweet and delicious cocktail or slurpin' up some noodles (ramen, japchae, spaghettini — you name it). From oysters and nigiri to tartare, she loves anything raw. And her favourite pastime is tucking into a fried chicken sandwich and a glass of wine mid-bubble bath. She likes to eat; you get it. 

Taylor Newlands's articles

The Toronto restaurants putting an end to tipping

A group of restaurants have changed their policy on service. We speak to the people shaking things up – and ask why tipping wasn't fair in the first place.

Steak 101: How to cook steak, the best cuts and more

Damien Cochez, the head butcher at Côte de Boeuf gives us a primer on all things steak, from seasonings and how to cook it to how to choose the best cut.

These Toronto community fridges are fighting food insecurity

Take what you need or leave what you can at these 24-hour community fridges in Toronto that are helping combat food waste and food insecurity.

Restaurant review: La Fontana, Elora

Though the town might be quaint, Elora's restaurants are anything but. We dine at La Fontana and find food that rivals even the best Toronto establishments.

Review: Bisha Hotel, Toronto

Tall, dark and handsome: all the way from the cocktail bar to the marble bathrooms, we find the luxurious Bisha Hotel in Toronto tops our list for a one-night affair.

Burdock Brewery marries craft beer with the winemaking process

Adding local Ontario wine grapes to the brewing process, Burdock Brewery offers a unique lineup of Toronto craft beer — and they deliver right to your door.

The Toronto restaurants reopening now

As the rest of Ontario enters into Stage Two, allowing restaurants to reopen for outdoor and patio dining, Mayor John Tory gives the go ahead for Toronto restaurants to get ready to reopen.

Make This: Reyna on King's the Queen's Absolution

Cocktail expert Nerissa Quinn of Reyna on King shows us how to shake up the Queen's Absolution. Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, this frothy concoction is a vacation in a glass.

How to celebrate Mother's Day in quarantine

This year we may not be able to cash in some quality time with our moms or mother figures, but that doesn’t mean the special day should come and go without any fanfare. Here’s how to make a little Mother's Day magic while still social distancing.

You can still shop the St. Lawrence Market

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the St. Lawrence Market is still open to provide Torontonians with access to fresh, local food and grocery items. Delivery, pickup and curbside collection are also available.

Make This: Louix Louis's New York Sour

Strong and flavourful, this variation of a whiskey sour packs a punch with red wine tossed in the mix.

The best fish & chips places doing takeout and delivery right now

There's something magical about a perfect piece of battered, deep fried fish and a heaping side of fries. These are the best restaurants in the city offering the British dish for takeout or delivery right now.

Restaurant delivery review: Fuwa Fuwa

These aren't your average pancakes. Meaning "Fluffy Fluffy" in Japanese, Fuwa Fuwa brings delightfully eggy soufflé pancakes to the GTA. Get them delivered for free on Uber Eats.

Acts of coronovirus kindness that are restoring our faith in humanity

Move over fearmongerers, there's a new sheriff in town – "caremongering" is sweeping the city. Here are the businesses that are doing what they can to give back to the community.

Review: Pasta Pantry

We find out the secret sauce that has made Pasta Pantry the top meatball for 25 years.

Tipping the scales: Afternoon and high tea services

We guide you through three spots – each at a different price level – for the classic afternoon tea experience. Don’t forget: pinkies up!

Hotel review: The Broadview Hotel

With panoramic views, retro-styled rooms and a sophisticated dining programme, the Broadview Hotel convinces us it’s the beast of the east.

Restaurant review: Chat Bar

Billed as the first restaurant in the GTA to serve izakaya-style Chinese chuan'r, Chat Bar's grilled skewers are fiery in more ways than one.

Who you gonna call?

Ghost restaurants are answering the call that delivery apps have created; from virtual second outposts to condo-based dumpling factories.

Restaurant review: Port, Pickering

We set sail for Port in Pickering where Jesse Vallins has created a menu that ranges from wood-fired pizza to inventive pasta and fresh seafood.