Here at Foodism, we dine out a lot. Whether it's to check out the latest hotspot that everyone is buzzing about or share a meal with friends and family, you can always find us taking a bite out of Toronto's restaurant scene. But for all of the dining out that we do, especially at fine-dining establishments, we never really gave much thought to the why behind our dining habits — until we took The Dining Out Survey.

Fine Dining Lovers, the foodie magazine from S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, has launched The Dining Out Survey, which will tell you exactly what kind of diner you are through fun and thoughtful questions. Who do you ask for advice on choosing a restaurant? Do you love it or hate it when the chef comes out to chat with your table? These questions and more will give you pause and help you discover your true foodie self.

Fine Dining Lovers The Dining Out Survey | What kind of restaurant diner are you?
Fine Dining Lovers The Dining Out Survey | A woman reading a menu
Fine Dining Lovers The Dining Out Survey | Women eating pizza
Fine Dining Lovers The Dining Out Survey | Play now and discover your dining personality

Are you a Culinary Explorer on a quest to develop your palate to expert level and indulge in the highest-level foodie experiences? Perhaps you're a Fun-Loving Foodie who's endlessly curious about cooking techniques and you're trying to rack up new culinary experiences under your belt? Or maybe you're a Gastronomic Guru with a wealth of culinary knowledge and a passion for food that runs through your veins? Take The Dining Out Survey to get the definitive answers on exactly what kind of diner you are. Then, get your friends to take the survey so that you can compare results.

Once you complete the survey you’ll be told what kind of foodie you truly are. Discover exciting content tailored to your foodie profile such as personalized restaurant recommendations, recipes and stories all suited to your tastes from the Fine Dining Lovers community platform.

What are you waiting for?

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