Tablz gives guests choice and takes the diner experience to a whole new level

By 3D mapping restaurants, Tablz allows guests to select a table that suits their individual needs when they make a reservation, optimizing the guest experience and turning new visitors into regulars. 

Tablz reservation system | NiWa Booth at Chotto Matte

Dining out should be an easy, enjoyable experience. With ingredients, labour and, subsequently, menu prices climbing, going out for nice meal at a restaurant is becoming more and more of a special outing, reserved for when we want to treat ourselves. When the food and drinks are delicious, and the service is great, it's a shame for something that seems small, like the location of the table within the restaurant to sour the night. 

Us diners often know where we're going to be the most comfortable in a restaurant. Those of us who run cold might want to sit far from the door, while those of us who run hot might want to sit close to a window. People who have difficulty hearing may want to sit away from the noise of an open kitchen, while curious diners might want to peek in and see what's cooking. Patrons who suffer from back pain may want a chair over a booth, or vice versa.

Lighting, sound and the general ambiance in different parts of the restaurant can make a huge difference to guests. Every diner has different needs, and the restaurants that are able to accommodate their guests are the ones that offer the best experience, which is becoming increasingly important in a modern, post-covid dining landscape. 

Tablz reservation system | A graphic depicting the tables that you can book on Tablz

Guest fulfillment is the future of hospitality. And when it comes to making a reservation, being able to select a table that suits our needs is the most demanded guest service. Tablz is a guest fulfilment platform that works in tandem with existing reservation systems to help restaurants improve their diners' experience. By 3D mapping dining rooms, Tablz allows guests to visualize the restaurant before their visit and upgrade to the table that best suits their desires and needs. 

By relying on the guest to leave a note on a reservation that might be missed, or using archaic reservation widgets, restaurants are taking a gamble with some of their best customers. And despite restaurants' efforts to rejig seating arrangements and make guests happy on their arrival, sometimes expectations just can't be met on the fly. Allowing guests to choose their table in advance can greatly improve the overall experience — and a restaurant's success. 

Tablz is free for restaurants and works brilliantly with pre-existing reservation systems. For diners, it's like choosing a seat on an airplane — a completely volunteer option that most guests are grateful to have.

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5 restaurant tables that diners can book on Tablz

Miku | Miku Booth | Seats 4–6

Tablz reservation system | Miku Booth at Miku

Nestled in Toronto's vibrant Harbourfront, the Miku booth offers a spacious and ultra-comfortable setting to savour the culinary artistry of head sushi chef Junnosuke Fujikawa. Chef Fujikawa's expertise shines in Aburi Sushi, and unique entrées that use premium Japanese ingredients like Sablefish, A5 Wagyu and seasonal imports. Guests can expect world-class service, an elegant interior and an ambiance fit for fine-tuning your taste buds.

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Lucie | The Bar at Lucie | Seats 2–3

Tablz reservation system | The Bar at Lucie

For some diners, the ultimate experience unfolds right at the bar, where every seat is a front-row seat. Restaurant Lucie offers a culinary experience unlike anything else — exclusively for their bar guests. Indulge in a gastronomic journey with the themed five-course tasting menu that promises to delight your senses. This delectable experience evolves every six weeks, unveiling a fresh theme each time.

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Chotto Matte | NiWa Booth | Seats 4–6

Tablz reservation system | NiWa Booth at Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte offers a dining experience unlike any other. Enjoy a brand new brunch menu with small plate creations, free-flowing cocktails and unique themed entertainment inspired by the art of the Japanese garden combined with their Nikkei roots. The NiWa booth is designed for guests who appreciate a fusion of Japanese and Nikkei cuisine, enjoy a comfortable dining experience and are open to unique, themed entertainment. Guests who enjoy trying new and creative dishes, along with a lively and visually appealing atmosphere, find the NiWa booths at Chotto Matte to be a great fit.

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Piano Piano Colborne | The Peacock Booth | Seats 3–4 Guests

Tablz reservation system | The Peacock Booth at Piano Piano Colborne

Located on the lower level of Piano Piano’s newest restaurant, their carousel-inspired tables are where unicorns come to life. Adorned with hues of blue and sprinkled with magical details, the Peacock Booths create a whimsical ambiance that perfectly blends the charm of Italy with the enchantment of unicorns and circus fun. The Peacock Booths are designed to appeal to guests looking for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary and embraces a touch of fantasy and liveliness.

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Abrielle | Coastal Luxury Table | Seats 3-4

Tablz reservation system | Coastal Luxury Table at Abrielle

Introducing the Coastal Luxury Table, a cherished choice among regular patrons. Positioned in the heart of Abrielle, this four-seater epitomizes timeless charm, and is ideal for guests who appreciate the finer things in life. The Coastal Luxury Table offers a sanctuary for those who seek a warm, inviting and inclusive dining experience. Picture yourself surrounded by the vibrant energy, with the sprawling metropolis as your backdrop. This table is not merely a place to dine; it's a destination to share, connect, converse and relish in the pleasures of good company.

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