Sometimes, we get so caught up in the mundane trivialities of life, that we forget that at heart, we're all creatives and dreamers. Creativity is what's at the core of new ideas and innovations, progress and advancements. It's the fuel that drives us towards our hopes, our dreams and our destiny. 

Before Prohibition, Kentucky was brimming with creativity that expressed itself through an abundance of brilliant distillers making exceptional bourbon. Today, most of the bourbon comes from only a handful of distillers, and often, old recipes are recycled under new names. Rabbit Hole approaches things differently.

Rabbit Hole Kentucky bourbon on a table with nuts, blackberries, honey and bread

The Kentucky distillery honours the past by reclaiming and revitalizing the spirit of creativity. They follow the call of curiosity and dare to dream, because that's the only way to forge something new. Following the spirit of creativity is what lead them to their true purpose — making whisky. 

From the Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with its distinctive and unparalleled four-grain recipe to the Dareringer Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon, Rabbit Hole's lineup of bourbon and rye whiskies knows no bounds. In the signature Cavehill, breathe in aromas of spice and fresh apples. On the palate, honey, mint and creamy orange evolve into irresistible flavours of vanilla and custard.

Rabbit Hole Kentucky bourbon on a festive table with orange slices

Inspired by the wife of Rabbit Hole's founder, Dareringer is elegant with charming aromas of sherry and cherry, and sweet flavours of raisins and currants mingling with almond and vanilla. A kiss of spice adds to the layers of complexity in this easy-to-love bourbon. 

Before charring them, Rabbit Hole slowly toasts their barrels over a wood-fired flame to release sugars that meld with the whisky during aging. It's a unique process that results in an unrivalled complexity and flavour.

Rabbit Hole Kentucky bourbon on the bar with two people drinking

This holiday season, reach for a bottle that's as creative as you are. Dare to dream and follow your creativity down the Rabbit Hole. 

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon Whiskey, on sale for $71.95 (reg. $74.95) until December 31. 

Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon Whiskey, $99.90

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