Behind the beautifully presented roast, glittering decorations and perfectly garnished cocktails is often a frazzled host who's one broken bauble away from a full-blown meltdown. If we’re being honest, holiday hosting is as demanding as it is rewarding — so it’s important to stick to a prep plan and save time where you can.

If you're throwing a festive bash, skip the complex holiday cocktails this year and serve Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer instead. The four dual-orange flavours are pure bubbly, festive fun in a glass — all you have to do is crack a can to get the merry times started. Get a mixed 12-pack and your guests can take their pick from strawberry, peach, pomegranate and pineapple, all made with a splash of real orange juice.

A can of Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer pouring into a coupe glass

At only 100 calories per 355 ml, Vizzy is an excellent choice to both serve or bring to any holiday feast or lazy brunch with friends and family this year. Each can is bursting with refreshing fruity flavours, complemented by notes of dry, tart champagne — just like the classic mimosa that’s synonymous with the holidays.

Below, we've outlined some handy tips for dodging stress at your holiday party. Follow them and you'll be a hosting pro this season.

Five stress-free holiday hosting tips

Cans of Vizzy with a green couch, snacks, games and confetti

1. Set up plenty of party games

You can never have too many games to play at a holiday gathering. Not only do they keep the energy high and your guests entertained, but a game can give the host a much-needed break from entertaining. Make sure you have lots of snacks and easy, tasty drinks handy so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game.

2. Save time where you can

It's important to manage your time well and not over-extend yourself as a host. After all, you still have to be convivial with your guests once they arrive! An easy way to cut down on tasks is swapping long, arduous cocktail recipes for a tasty ready-to-drink tipple, like Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer. With everyone's thirst satiated, there will be plenty of time to check other items off your list, like making sure the turkey doesn't dry out. You'll be grateful your shaker stayed tucked away in the closet.

Or, if you're attending a party this season, skip the debates over the perfect bottle to bring and grab a Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer Mixed 12-pack instead. The different flavours, all mixed with orange, are perfect for sharing.

3. Clean, organize and stock up your fridge in advance

Fridge space is prime real estate during a holiday party when everybody wants to keep their drinks chilled or squeeze in a few more leftovers. Before guests arrive, remove anything that isn't needed, give your fridge a quick clean and then stock it up with the drinks you'll be serving. You won't need to sort through precariously stacked wine bottles when refreshing your guests' drinks — just reach in, grab what you need and keep the party going.

4. Stock up on more ice than you think you'll need

Running out of ice is a headache you simply don't need during the holiday. If you've run out of fridge space, ice is an easy way to make sure you'll be able to keep serving frosty bevvies all night long. So, grab a few extra bags of ice from the store, or fill a bucket from your icemaker and keep it in the freezer until the party starts.

5. Don't forget to have fun

To succeed during a holiday party, you'll have to be enjoying yourself, too. After all your hard work and prep, prioritize joining in on some of the games you've planned and relaxing. Share a drink, like Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer, with your guests — you deserve it!

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