When we were younger, peaches were synonymous with summer. We’re not ashamed to admit the little plastic cups packed with the fruit, diced and soaked in sweet juice, were our favourite warm-weather snack. They were equal parts thirst quenchers and energy boosters at half-time during our sunny soccer games or day camps. Today, they’re fuzzy little spheres of nostalgia.

So, we were ecstatic to learn that our favourite summer fruit has made it into our favourite boozy ready-to-drink (RTD): Simply Spiked Peach. The delicious drink is back in new flavours just in time for the season, and the sun-soaked long weekends we’ve been looking forward to since 2023. 

Last year, Simply Spiked was all the rage as it took Canada by storm with its mouth-wateringly delicious lemonade lineup. You were practically guaranteed to find the slim cans at any pool party, backyard BBQ or deck on a cottage getaway. Now that they’re back, we’re thrilled to share that Simply Spiked is changing the game once more with brand-new varieties.

A case of Simply Spiked peach

Cracking open a can of Simply Spiked Signature Peach, Strawberry Peach or Kiwi Peach acts as an official kick-off to summer. These tasty tipples are bursting with Simply Spiked’s signature peach-forward sweetness; they pair perfectly with high temps, friends, music and good times. With five per cent real fruit juice, these cheeky bevvies are poised and ready to become Canada’s new favourite cooler.

Simply Spiked Signature Peach proudly wears a crown as the “Queen Bee of Juicy.” With refreshing, welcoming hints of fruit-forward sweetness, you’ll want to savour those fresh-cut peach, right-off-the-tree vibes. It’s tasty and nostalgic from the first sip to the last.

Two people cheers-ing with Simply Spiked peach cans

In Simply Spiked’s Strawberry Peach, two beloved fruits come together to create a big blast of juicy notes. It’s the perfect blend of seasonal fruits that promise to fire up your taste buds on the hottest days, or when you’re preparing for a night out.

Lastly, Simply Spiked Kiwi Peach is like an island adventure. Your taste buds long for this can's fresh, clean notes — have a sip, and you'll see why. With the sweetness of peach and a subtle hint of kiwi, every sip will transport you to an adventure in a faraway, tropical paradise (no plane ticket required).

A can of Simply Spiked peach

No matter where your summer takes you this year, Simply Spiked Peach will be your best friend. Each variety packs wallops of bright, sweet flavours you’ll quickly fall in love with. Pick up cans now from participating retailers near you.

To find out where to get your can of Simply Spiked or learn more about the new peach flavours, visit simplyspiked.ca or follow them on Instagram @simplyspikedca.