Adaptogen may not make you any friends in a game of Scrabble, but there’s more to this buzzword than just a fleeting wellness fad.

Adaptogen is basically another word for “plant.” And plants and their healing properties have been around for…well, ever. The adaptogens used in Daydream – Ginseng, Schisandra, and Moringa – are known to help with clarity, stress reduction, focus, and memory. Moringa is also anti-inflammatory and has powerful anti-oxidation effects.

The hemp extracts are rich in nutrients and contain no traces of THC or CBD, so you'll get all the stress-melting and anti-inflammatory benefits without getting high. Each of their three flavours: Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger and Cucumber Lime, comes in a bright pastel can and serves as a bubbly afternoon pick-me-up.

Our favourite flavour was the refreshing Cucumber Lime and after a series of back-to-back holiday parties, it definitely helped us feel back to normal. What a dream indeed.

$33.99 per 6 pack sampler,