Meal planning and prepping is... a lot. Why does time seem to go by way faster after 5 p.m.? As much as we love going out for dinner and ordering takeout from our fave restaurants, the cost adds up real quick. If only we had an easy, affordable chef experience at home... ahem, behold SPATULA Foods, a new chef-to-table experience that you can enjoy at home. 

With SPATULA's high-quality dishes, you're the chef, but all the heavy lifting has already been done for you by actual professional chefs (no offence). And get this, each dish is designed to be ready on your plate in 10 minutes — we've spent more time than that just reading a recipe.

From celebrated Toronto chefs like Eric Chong and Romain Avril, SPATULA's menu of flavour-packed dishes is super diverse, so being bored isn't an option. And how could you be when you have dishes like Chef Wallace Wong's heavenly wild mushroom truffled risotto, a restaurant-quality braised beef bourguignon with pomme purée, or a Spanish-style seafood paella ready and waiting for you in no time.

Each dish is made using the highest-quality ingredients, which are flash-frozen to maintain that freshness. SPATULA is a great solution for those busy weekday evenings or weekend getaways where meal prepping and washing up is the last thing you want to do. Going to the cottage? Pack a box of SPATULA meals and you're the new weekend hero.

All you have to do is build your SPATULA box with a selection of dishes on their website — it's super easy to skip, pause or cancel your box order at any time. Then, once your custom box is delivered to your door (for free), put the SPATULA packages in the freezer or make one tonight.

To make the process even easier, the SPATULA team has created a bunch of cooking instruction videos on their Instagram. Looks like dinner duty isn't so bad after all, actually, it's pretty darn great.  

Use promo code FOODISM40 to receive $40 off your first order.

Check out SPATULA's amazing dishes here