Review: Greenhouse's new organic boosters

Joining Greenhouse's lineup of organic boosters, comes Pick-Me-Up, to kickstart your day, and Lullaby to soothe you into sleepy town.

Greenhouse's new organic boosters: Pick-me-up and Lullaby

As the days get shorter and colder, it can be tempting to curl up, order takeout or delivery and spend our time swapping between napping and Netflix. Unfortunately though, we have responsibilities like our jobs (boo) that require us to be awake, alert and healthy. And with flu season settling in, we’re after a healthier option than that extra espresso in the afternoon (although we've got a roundup of the best coffee shops in case you need that too).

Enter Greenhouse’s new organic boosters. Packed with concentrated doses of potent, functional, plant-based ingredients, each of their best-selling juice shots is like a mini hit of health. Enjoy them as a straight shot or as a tonic mixed with hot or cold water.

Joining the lineup of boosters, which currently includes the immune-supporting Fiery Ginger (common cold, begone!) and the Inside Job for gut support, comes two new varieties.

Made with yerba mate and green tea for a natural boost, Pick-Me-Up provides that jolt of energy we need when the mid-afternoon slump rolls in. With 100mg of caffeine, it's like drinking a medium coffee, but without the java jitters or the caffeine crash that comes later. Organic raspberry punch with apple and pineapple round out the flavour. 

Once you’ve crushed your day and are ready to unwind, that’s where Greenhouse’s second new booster comes into play. Lullaby has a soothing effect that will take you straight to relaxation station. Made with aromatic lavender, calming lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile, combined with a sweet blueberry base, this juice shot will be your best bedtime buddy. Sweet dreams.

Find Pick-Me-Up, Lullaby and Greenhouse’s other organic boosters at the grocery store, in Greenhouse shops or shop online at