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Québec has a culinary reputation that precedes itself, but that goes way beyond poutine and maple syrup (although, let's face it, that's a pretty great calling card). The province is a gastronomic destination that is recognized around the world because of the talent of its chefs, who give distinctly local ingredients top billing on their menus.

Terroir et Saveurs du Québec is an agrotourism association recognized by Québec’s Ministry of Tourism that was created to guarantee quality gourmet experiences across the province. Established in 1975, Québec’s only provincial culinary tourism network represents, develops and promotes food producers, artisan food product processors and establishments offering regional cuisine or selling local products — all contributing to making Québec a world-renowned gourmet destination. To make it easy for guests to find an authentic local restaurant, Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ was launched in 2010. The concept recognizes restaurants, and provides criteria to ensure diners leave having experienced a quality meal made using local produce.

Whether you're visiting Montréal or Îles-de-la-Madeleine, you can bet on authentic Québecois fare any time you dine at a "Table" restaurant.

Glassware on a beautiful dinner table in Québec
A chef wearing an apron plating a dish in Québec

Québec's Finest

Local products make up the rich tapestry of Québec's unique culinary picture.

Wild blueberries

Québec harvests one of the largest volumes of wild blueberries in Canada. They are used for everything from smoothies to stuffing and compote.

Maple products

The weather in Québec makes it a premium and prolific producer of maple syrup — it accounts for 72 per cent of global production. Enjoy the sticky stuff in butter, taffy and even alcohol.

Products of the sea & river

The amount of seafood produced in Québec isn't a drop in the ocean. Try local lobster, shrimp, oysters, snow crab and salmon.


Sample the best of Québec's vineyards and microbreweries during a visit to the region. Local spirits are also having a moment, with whisky and gin making a name for itself.

The popularity of the unique and culturally significant products specific to Québec's northern climate goes far beyond its borders.

What is a Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™

While many restaurants around the province feature local produce on their menus, few receive the Terroir et Saveurs du Québec seal of approval. Each application is carefully assessed and measured before a restaurant can be granted this level of recognition. Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ ensures certain criteria, including:

  • Menus must be primarily composed (at least 51%) of local and regional products from Québec. However, in most cases the actual percentage is much higher.
  • Menus include specialties and typical regional cuisine, prepared in a traditional manner.
  • Dishes must showcase distinctive aspects of the region’s cuisine (both in preparation and presentation).
  • The origin of products must be emphasized in the names of dishes and on the food and beverage menu.
  • The wine and beverage list must contain products made in Québec, such as craft beers, wines, ciders, liquors and sparkling water.
  • Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ restaurants must implement a policy of replacing imported products with local and regional products from Québec.

Why leave it to chance? Book a Table aux Saveurs du Terroir™ restaurant.

Savour the Flavour

Côté Est, Kamouraska, Bas-St-Laurent
Microbrasserie Le Presbytère, Saint-Stanislas, Mauricie
Les Fous-Braques, Mascouche, Lanaudière
Auberge des Glacis, L’Islet, Chaudière-Appalaches
Auberge Comme au premier jour, Saint-Pacôme, Bas-St-Laurent

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