Cambridge Mill: What's the vibe

The evening we dined at Cambridge Mill, love was in the air. Although I was very attracted to the craft cut beef section of their menu, I'm talking about the weddings — three of them — that were happening that perfect eve.

The sun was setting over the Grand River, painting the sky a warm golden, which flooded into the open air dining room. The sound of water rushing over the dam could be heard from our table above, and the whisky in my strawberry rhubarb sour was hitting just right. It had taken a little over an hour to get to this gorgeously restored 19th century mill, but dining inside its limestone walls couldn't have felt farther away from home.

Cambridge Mill: What's on the menu

The menu has a little bit of everything, from a mammoth-sized bone-in ribeye with duck fat potatoes to clever rolls of zucchini cannelloni with sweet potato filling and cashew cream for a vegan version of the classic Italian pasta dish.

Inspired by all the surrounding water, we started with the braised octopus expertly cooked Moroccan-style with salty, spiced bits of merguez sausage tucked under fresh greens and a lively romesco verde. The craft cut beef selection is a choose your own adventure with steaks ranging from flat iron to strip loin, plus sauces (my dairy intolerance vs. blue cheese butter, truffle butter, garlic butter) and sides that you should definitely add.

Cambridge Mill: Why it's worth the trip

There's no doubt that the Cambridge Mill is a beauty from the outside, but you'll get more than just good looks from what's cooking on the inside. Farm-to-table isn't just a buzzword here — they source their steaks and all sorts of seasonal fruit and veg from their nearby 100-acre farm in Flamborough, Ontario (just outside of Hamilton). Turns out having a closer commute improves the quality of life of ingredients, too.

Keep an eye out for weekly features at the Mill, like live music night on Tuesdays, half-priced oysters on Thursday, and an epic brunch buffet every Sunday till 2 p.m. — buffets are back, baby!

Dinner and drinks for two: Around $150

100 Water St. N, Cambridge;