The Black Creek historic brewery is a unique experience for anyone who considers themselves a history buff – or even just a fan of good craft beer. Located in Black Creek Pioneer Village, the Black Creek brewery crafts beer using the same techniques that brewers utilized in the 1860s. That means no electricity, no industrial-sized equipment and all the work of brewing carefully done by hand by a seasoned brewmaster.

The ale created in the Black Creek historic brewery is not just authentic to style; it is also steeped in a rich history. In a city full of craft beers, the Black Creek brewery stands out as the only place where you can enjoy a historic beer brewed with the same traditional methods used in the mid-1800s. These methods have been abandoned in favour of modern techniques that in some cases prioritize shelf life and aesthetics over taste. However in the Black Creek historic brewery, taste and authenticity is valued over any other aspect.

The result is truly unique – a variety of historic ales, each with their own complex and enjoyable flavour profiles. These handcrafted ales are similar to beer that would have been enjoyed in Ontario’s rural villages during the time of Confederation. A visitor to the brewery can sample anything from a light and refreshing Best Bitter to a hoppy and fruity India Pale Ale. The beer served here is what purists would call real ale – naturally carbonated, not filtered, and served at cellar temperature.

Guests who visit the brewery are treated to a unique historic experience. It is clear as soon as you see the brewing equipment, which is mainly made out of copper and wood. On the weekends, guests can even watch the brewmaster demonstrate how historic ale is made. Visitors can enjoy a 12 oz flight of three samples while learning about the technique and history of each style or grab a 2L growler to take home.

For a unique experience immersed in history and authenticity, you don't have to look further than the Black Creek historic brewery.