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Thursday 16 November 2023 - Saturday 30 December 2023

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With the tinkling sounds of a live pianist filling the air, warmth emanating from the fireplaces and courteous staff pampering guests, a visit to the Shangri-La Toronto's Lobby Lounge for afternoon tea is wonderful at any time of year. But the addition of holiday whimsy and plenty of nutcrackers make the occasion even more special.

Until December 30, guests can bask in the festive atmosphere while sipping premium tea and snacking on scrumptious (and adorable) sweet and savoury bites as part of the Nutcracker Afternoon Tea. Every iteration of the Shangri-La Toronto's afternoon tea is fabulous. The pastries are pure perfection made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. The holiday offerings, made to look like a tiny tree, present, an ornament and a lump of coal, are so cute, it's hard to take a bite — until you do, and then you just want more and more.

Cups of tea, glasses of champagne and a cake stand of treats at the Shangri-La Toronto Nutcracker Afternoon Tea

On the savoury side, smoked salmon cannoli is a unique treat that really wows us. We crack open the pate au choux and it's full of gooey caramelized onions. The squash arancini is another delicious bite that I could eat five more of. The two-bite morsels are a blessing and a curse: They're so small, we get to try so many different flavours, but each one is gone so fast. Once we poke in the sweet signature tea scone and savoury truffle parmesan scone, we're stuffed to the brim.

Of course, you could just drink tea, but we always like to go for a couple glasses of bubbly with our afternoon tea. Soaking in this plush atmosphere, being waited on with attentive care as the holidays draw near certainly calls for it.

Shangri-La Nutcracker Afternoon Tea, $98 per person.