If you live in Ontario, you’ve probably heard of The June Motel by now. Maybe you’ve even walked through its pastel pink doors in charming P.E.C., or lounged by the pool, frosé in hand, at their new Sauble Beach location.

The June Motel has become an iconic destination for people looking for a boutique stay with a little flair and a lot of Instagramable wallpaper. And, thanks to a hit Netflix show, Motel Makeover, The June Motel has grown into an internationally recognizable brand — but, despite the neon signs saying so, it hasn't always been "good vibes."

In the final episode of our Industry Recovery series, in association with George Brown College, we catch up with best friends and co-founders of The June Motel, Sarah Sklash and April Brown, to learn how they succeeded even when COVID threatened to take everything. 

In this episode, we find out how the two entrepreneurs dug in their heels to get their business through the pandemic, all while renovating their second location in Sauble Beach in front of a camera crew for Netflix. We find out how they did it all, what their plans are for the future and why The June Motel plays an important role in putting Ontario on the map, globally. 

Don't be fooled by the flower print wallpaper or the big Netflix name, The June Motel's story is all about grit and the willingness to try even when things are scary — oh, and a little wine helps. 

Watch our video above to see how The June Motel is kicking the pandemic's ass and putting Ontario on the map.