It's true what they say, no good story ever started with a salad. At least, from what we can recall. There is something, however, that never fails to get the conversation going: a simple glass of wine. Winemaking in itself is a form of storytelling. The history of the grapes, the land, the people, and, of course, the tale of how it all comes together. 

Okanagan-based Aasha Wines tell a different story. Each bottle reveals an important moment in time, kind of like a looking glass, but for real moments of romance, pain, humour and wonder. True stories that tell life how it is, not how it should be.

This Valentine's Day (no matter how it looks for you), write your own story with Aasha Wines' velvety 2016 cabernet sauvignon, Curious Glance. From the vines of their stunning micro vineyard, this rare cab sauv is a little spicy on the nose and beckons to be shared with those you care about. On the palate, you'll find waves of plum, cinnamon and vanilla for a well-rounded taste that feels both fresh and classic. Pair it with a fancy date-night steak dinner or winter evenings seated around the kitchen table. 

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Aasha's storybook 2.8-acre vineyard proves that you don't have to be big to be memorable. Situated on a south-facing slope overlooking water and mountains, the vineyard is home to rows of gnarled vines yielding fruit that ripens slowly and beautifully as nature intended. Here, the centre of the valley has a slightly cooler micro-climate (than the typically hot and dry Okanagan growing season) which allows for the grapes to be picked later and shine through the glass.

The gorgeous hand-illustrated Curious Glance label tells the captivating story of when the owners of Aasha Wines exchanged their first glance. A glance that's led to a wonderful and unexpected relationship and partnership in wine. Who knows what will happen when you open yours, but something tells us it will be nothing short of magical.

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