It’s hard to say what came first, the chicken or the egg. Whichever it was, we’re just thankful for what came next: the fried chicken sandwich.

It’s tough to pick favourites when it comes to sandwiches, especially when Toronto has so many good ones, but there’s a reason the fried chicken sandwich is one of the most universally-loved comfort foods. Whether it’s a sunny park picnic with your loved ones or a cozy night spent alone vegging out on the couch, a fried chicken sandwich will always come through for you.

A pillowy bun, creamy coleslaw, sweet pickles and, of course, the pièce de résistance: a juicy, crispy (and just the right amount of greasy) piece of fried chicken. Buttermilk, Nashville hot, karaage — whatever preparation you can dream of, there’s a place for it here (just don’t expect a vegan option).

With a new fried chicken spot opening on every block, and your choice of takeout or delivery, Toronto’s got you covered when it comes to this comfort classic.

The best fried chicken sandwiches in Trinity Bellwoods

Five Points Nashville Hot Chicken

178 Bathurst St.

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Tucked inside of Paddock Tavern, and sandwiched between two pieces of Wonder Bread, you’ll find some of the best Nashville hot chicken that Toronto has to offer. The classic sandwich is topped with coleslaw, sweet pickles and buttermilk ranch, with your choice of spice level ranging from “naked” to “devil’s breath” (if you’re brave enough).

The Heartbreak Chef

823 Dundas St. W.

Jerome Robinson (a.k.a. The Heartbreak Chef) takes fried chicken to the next level at this Dundas sandwich joint. Between the macaroni-stuffed Mac and Charlie Sandwich and the Dutty Chicken Sandwich with extra hot jerk sauce, grilled pineapple and creamy slaw — the only heartbreak here is waiting in line for a bite.

The best fried chicken sandwiches in West Queen West

Chen Chen’s Chicken

1184 Queen St. W.

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If spicy is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Schezuan Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich at Chen Chen’s Chicken. A toasted brioche bun, coleslaw, pickles and a Schezuan-infused piece of fried chicken make for the perfect balance of sweet, tangy and mouth-numbingly spicy.

PG Clucks

Multiple Locations

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After serving up sandwiches in Little Italy for years, PG Clucks is bringing their quality crispy chicken to a new Queen West location. You can’t go wrong with their Classic Chicken Sandwich, which tops white-meat fried chicken with creamy coleslaw, sweet pickles, buttermilk ranch sauce and your choice of mild or nashville hot sauce. Big appetite? Make it a Big Cluck, which stacks two pieces of juicy chicken with cheese, pickles and their signature Mac sauce.

The best fried chicken sandwiches in Brockton Village

Uncle Mikey’s

1597 Dundas St. W.

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When we say KFC, we don’t mean Kentucky. Uncle Mikey’s KFC (Korean fried chicken) Sandwich  is glazed with gochujang — a sweet and spicy fermented chilli paste — and comes topped with korean slaw on a soft Martin’s potato roll. Sorry, Colonel, this is the only KFC we’re dreaming about.

Bird Box

1585 Dundas St. W.

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With locations in Toronto and London, this fried chicken joint is slowly taking over Ontario. Their Cali Banger Sandwich is the perfect mix of fried and fresh, with a jalapeño chutney, citrus aioli, lettuce, tomato and a toasted brioche bun.

Brock Sandwich

1260 Bloor St. W.

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All of the artisan sandwiches on this diverse menu are worth the trip, but the Chicken Piri Piri sandwich is at the top of our list. This Portugese-inspired sandwich is stacked with a thick piece of fried chicken, piri piri sauce, charred onions and coleslaw.

The best fried chicken sandwiches in the Annex

Aunty Lucy’s

296 Brunswick Ave.

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Despite opening in the middle of a pandemic, Aunty Lucy’s almost always manages to sell out of their famous burgers before closing. The Nima Burger — Adrian Forte’s Top Chef Canada challenge-winning sandwich — is the star of this Ghanian-inspired burger joint. Served on a potato roll, it comes dressed with garlic sauce and mango scotch bonnet hot sauce, and is definitely worth getting there early for.

Bubba’s Crispy Fried Chicken

521 Bloor St. W.

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Turns out Mi Taco Taqueria can do a lot more than just Mexican — their newly-opened fried chicken spot is one of the best in the city. Their sandwiches range from the classic Bubba’s Original served with pickles and slaw, to the Chocolate Chicken served with a secret chocolate sauce and mango salsa.

The best fried chicken sandwiches in Kensington Market

Dirty Bird

79 Kensington Ave.

Have you ever eaten a sandwich on boring old bread and yearned for something… more? If yes, look no further than Dirty Bird in Kensington Market. All of their chicken sandwiches can be made on their signature homemade waffles, which really should be the standard everywhere.

Knockout Chicken

207 Augusta Ave.

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If you had any other plans today, forget it. The fried chicken sandwiches at this aptly-named Kensington Market spot are sure to send you straight into food coma heaven. You can’t go wrong with any of their sandwiches, but our favourite has to be the Left Hook, which comes with a tender piece of fried chicken tossed in jerk sauce and all the regular fixings.

The best fried chicken sandwiches in the Downtown Core

Porchetta & Co.

545 King St. W.

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While it may not be their namesake, Porchetta & Co’s list of fried chicken sandwiches and daily fried chicken features are definitely worth a try. The O.G. Fried Chicken is made with buttermilk fried chicken thigh, fresh herb ranch dressing, Frank’s Red hot sauce and pickles atop a sourdough bun.

Union Chicken

65 Front St. W.

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While in normal times this would be the perfect post-game dinner spot, the grub at Union Chicken is still worth the trip downtown. For the virtuous, there are salads and flamed grilled and glazed rotisserie chicken. For the rest of us, there’s the Nashville Lightning Hot fried chicken sandwich made with habanero hot sauce, maple honey and house-made ranch.

The best fried chicken sandwich in Little Italy

Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken

656 College St.

This Japanese-fusion chicken spot recently moved out of their home inside Folly Brewing, but luckily for Little Italy their new location is just a few blocks away inside drinking den Come See Me. Their top-secret signature spice blend and assortment of house-made sauces make for a totally unique fried chicken experience. The namesake Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken sandwich is a must-try, made with crispy chicken karaage, sesame sauce, spicy wasabi mayo, scallions and ginger slaw all stacked on a pillowy brioche bun.


The best fried chicken sandwich in the Junction

Chica’s Chicken

2853 Dundas St. W.

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This Junction gem specializes in Nashville hot chicken. Their OG Sandwich is stacked high with Nashville-spiced boneless chicken and comes dressed up with the classic fixings: slaw, pickles and buttermilk ranch, with your choice of texas toast or a brioche bun.

The best fried chicken sandwich in Roncesvalles

The Mugshot Tavern

1729 Bloor St. W.

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While the various celebrity mugshots adorning the walls of this High Park pub may be scowling at you, rest assured that you’ll be smiling when you get a taste of their Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Like all of their comfort food, it’s a classic done well: fried boneless chicken breast topped with chipotle mayo, cheddar, bacon, lettuce and tomato, sat on top a fluffy bun.

The best fried chicken sandwich in Leslieville

Birdie’s Fried Chicken

263 Coxwell Ave.

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Once just a humble food truck, Birdie’s new brick-and-mortar location has become one of the best east end spots to get a fried chicken fix. Their fried chicken sandwiches come topped with their delicious house-made Truck Sauce, which debuted when they were still on wheels.

The best fried chicken sandwich in East York

Knuckle Sandwich

969 Coxwell Ave.

While this East York eatery boasts an eclectic sandwich menu, their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich is at the top of our list. Topped with a roasted poblano slaw, chipotle honey and garlic aioli, this tender, sweet and spicy sandwich is definitely worth a trip out east.