For fans of classic cocktails like us, taste is paramount. We’ve got a special place in our hearts for the floral finishes of a gin martini; the dry-yet-sweet paradox of a prosecco-topped french 75. While many will be skipping booze this Sober October, we don’t want to have to sacrifice the distinct characters of the tipples we know and love.

Enter Ceder’s, an award-winning, distilled non-alcoholic spirit that gives you the choice to enjoy your favourite cocktail this Sober October, booze-free. It has all of the same elegance and delicate taste as your go-to bar cart bottle, with none of the alcohol. Developed using 18 classic gin and rare South African botanicals, you might even discover some new notes here, too.

Ceder’s was created in 2017 after couple Craig Hutchison and Maria Sehlstrom moved back to Craig’s home country of South Africa. With Maria pregnant, they started experimenting by distilling extraordinary botanicals, along with the classics.

It was there, in the Cederberg mountains, inspired by the abundance of local plants like rooibos and buchu, that they decided to begin their journey into the world of non-alcoholic.

Four stellar bottles await in Ceder's range. Ceder’s Classic: Fresh & Floral is sharp and clear with ample notes of juniper and rooibos; Ceder’s Crisp: Light & Refreshing gets floral and vegetal with notes of cucumber and chamomile. Ceder’s Wild: Spicy & Aromatic will warm you up with notes of ginger and clove, and Ceder’s Rose: Soft & Sweet is like drinking a blooming spring garden, with rose and hibiscus.

The benefits don’t stop there; on top of having 0 per cent ABV, they’re also completely sugar- and calorie-free. Turn your favourite tipples into crushable easy-sippers, or mix them with tonic and let Ceder’s flavours run wild in Sober October.

Crisp Stinger recipe


  • 65 ml Crisp Ceder's
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • 20 ml agave
  • 12–14 mint leaves


  1. Add all ingredients to a shaker. Shake all ingredients over cubed ice.
  2. Fine strain into a chilled coupette.
  3. Garnish with a large floating mint leaf.

Enjoy Ceder’s however you'd like; with friends, with a home-cooked meal or as a weeknight treat. For all of your Sober October cocktails, choose an award-winning non-alcoholic spirit: Ceder’s.

Ceder's is a sponsor of Foodism 40, an upcoming event that toasts the changemakers who are committed to bettering our industry.

To learn more about Ceder’s, visit their Instagram here