Miss Likklemore's offers a glam Caribbean brunch every Sunday

On Sundays, Miss Likklemore's serves their bright bottomless cocktails and brunch hits infused with Caribbean flavours to a bumpin' room full of glamorously dressed diners on King West. 

Miss Likklemore's Toronto brunch | An assortment of dishes at Miss Likklemore's

Miss Likklemore's: The vibe

On King West, a group of ladies in fabulous dresses and heels crowds around the entrance to Miss Likklemore's, making us feel as though we're about to enter a cocktail lounge rather than going for a late afternoon brunch. But brunching in this city is a beast of its very own. There are dozens of spots serving amazing brunch in Toronto, each offering diners something different — and at the lively Miss Likklemore's, the glam attire fits the vibe. 

Miss Likklemore's Toronto brunch | Tables and booths inside Miss Likklemore's

Old-school dancehall and reggaeton beats, along with Motown dance hits blast from the speakers. "I guess we won't be able to talk much," my mom says as we walk past the tables in the front window and the long bar to the back of the restaurant, where large groups celebrate special occasions. Settled in our little booth, we do have to shout over the noise, but we quickly get swept up in the festive atmosphere. 

Miss Likklemore's: What's on the brunch menu

Haute Caribbean cuisine might be relatively rare in Toronto, but it's par for the course on the islands. At Miss Likklemore's, quality Caribbean ingredients and flavours are married with classic Canadian brunch staples.

Miss Likklemore's Toronto brunch | French toast

A juicy, spicy scotch bonnet and cheddar sausage and crispy jerk bacon adds a kick to the Full Caribbean breakfast with eggs, johnny cakes and home fries. The Oxtail Hash sees home fries piled with chunks of oxtail and gravy, topped with poached eggs and curry hollandaise. Surprisingly, it's not spicy at all but rich and hearty. 

Don't overlook the pastries and baked goods. If calories didn't exist, we could start every day with the Savoury Morning Bun, a slightly spicy swirl of callaloo pesto, Jamaican hot peppers and parmesan. The cheddar biscuits served with whipped jalapeño honey butter are sinfully delicious. We have to hold ourselves back from eating them all before our mains arrive — and having them as leftovers makes us extra glad we did.

Miss Likklemore's Toronto brunch | Cheddar biscuits with whipped jalapeño honey butter

It's a close contest, but our favourite dish of the day is the Paratha & Eggs. It's a chewy flatbread topped with coriander and mint chutney, ricotta salata and runny eggs, which packs a punch with plenty of heat and flavour.

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Miss Likklemore's: Brunch cocktails

A bottomless cocktail is, by now, a Toronto brunch staple. However, this version isn't the usual mimosa. Miss Likklemore's serves the Sunshine Spritz — a dry, prosecco-forward refresher with a hint of floral notes from St-Germain and hibiscus — individually or bottomless. 

A take on the pornstar martini, the Dancehall Queen is a sweet treat in a glass. Made with Grey Goose vodka, Galliano Vanilla Liqueur, passionfruit purée, lime and prosecco, and overflowing with foam, it's bubbly and almost creamy. While it might be too decadent to drink all day, it's perfect for pairing with spicy dishes to cut the heat. 

In between the dry Sunshine Spritz and the sweet Dancehall Queen, the Uptown Martini is a fresh, citrusy breakfast martini with just a hint of sweetness. They're all well-balanced and tasty, each catering to a different palate. 

Miss Likklemore's Toronto brunch | The Dancehall Queen cocktail
Miss Likklemore's Toronto brunch | Two Sunshine Spritz cocktails and a pitcher

With its lively atmosphere, flavour-packed dishes and crushable cocktails, Miss Likklemore's isn't your every Sunday Toronto brunch spot. It's for special occasions, celebrations and whenever you want to dress up, go out and be your best glam self. Those Sunday scaries won't know what hit them. 

Brunch and drinks for two: around $100 before tax and tip.