Turns out the real holiday hero doesn't have a beard as white as snow, but a moustache and makes one heck of a cup of joe. When Albert-Louis Van Houtte first opened his store in 1919, little did he know that his signature moustache would be the face of one of Canada's most beloved and iconic coffee brands.

Sure there's no Van Houtte® carols or elves, but we all know how we really get through the holidays, and that's with uplifting, comforting beverages. The holidays are different this year, there's no doubt about that, but before we get all Bah Humbug, let Van Houtte® get you into the spirit by brightening up your day with a rich and flavourful cup of coffee. Savour your time this season, instead of counting it, because before you know it, it will be gone. Thankfully, there's refills for that.

Proudly roasted in Canada for more than 100 years, Van Houtte® is committed to 100% responsibly sourced beans to craft their quality coffee using their European, single-batch roasting process to ensure a rich and flavourful cup every time. From bold to woodsy notes to the uplifting flavours of vanilla and hazelnut, Van Houtte® has a java just for you, no matter how long your coffee order may be.

Give your barista a break this season and brew your own cup at home, heck, even learn to make latte art or a cappuccino with Van Houtte®, your partner of coffee-time. Whether you like your cup from a pod or your beans dark and finely ground, Van Houtte® has a variety of blends for the coffee connoisseur (hello, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle coffee) or the occasional-caffeiner (our go-to Original House Blend).

If you're feeling extra festive, Van Houtte® Signature Espresso Superiore coffee, a rich and intense dark roast blend, will really have you dashing through the snow. For a creamy cup, try their Espresso Dolce Crema coffee.

Van Houtte® Keurig® K-Cup® pods are recyclable (check locally, not recycled in all communities). Simply peel the lid, compost the coffee grounds and place the empty pod in your blue bin and you’re good to go for the next round! May your holidays be merry and bright and with Van Houtte®, your coffee will be just right.

For more information and to liven up your cup, check out vanhoutte.com