We can't think of a better way to close out season two of In the Kitchen with Foodism: Back to Basics than by putting on the kettle and sitting down with one of North America's first tea sommeliers. We spill the tea with Hoda Paripoush, the founder and creative director at Sloane Fine Tea Merchants — and a lifelong lover of all things tea.

Growing up in India and Iran, Paripoush understood the significance and importance of tea from an early age. A cup of masala chai was how her family started each day, providing comfort and connection with every cup. However, it wasn't until her family fled Iran during the 1979 religious revolution and moved to Canada that she started to realize her career might centre around the hot beverage.

Drawn to the world of tea, Paripoush got accredited in the U.S., then returned to Canada to become certified when George Brown College launched a tea sommelier program. After becoming the first person in North America to get certified both in Canada and the U.S., she travelled to the source — China, Japan and India — where she gained the inspiration to start her own tea company.­

From types of tea and how it's made to perfect food pairings and tips for brewing, Paripoush steeps us with her knowledge. Grab your teapot, boil that kettle and get ready to make the perfect cuppa. 

Pinky fingers at the ready: Watch the full tea video above.

To learn more about George Brown College's tea programs, head to georgebrown.ca/tea.