These days, meat often seems to get a bad rap — but not all meat is created equal. For those of us who would rather give our right arm than give up the perfection of biting into a juicy, tender cut of meat, there are far better options than the over-processed, mass-produced meat products on shelves. Based in Gorrie, Ontario, Greener Grazing offers ethical, nutrient-dense meat with free delivery in Toronto and across Southern Ontario.

Josh, the founder and sole employee at Greener Grazing, puts a lot of effort into raising the animals ethically and humanely, in the most natural way possible. The pigs and cows are raised on the pasture, with the Black Angus cattle spending as much time in the fresh green grass as possible, while chickens are free-run. Their meat is non-GMO and produced without the use of any artificial hormones or other growth promoters. Not only does this healthy lifestyle provide a good quality life for the animals, but it also results in superior meat products with health benefits and great flavour.

In addition to caring for the animals, Josh also cares for the land. He doesn’t use any herbicides or pesticides in the production of the meat products, because to him, the goal is to encourage and restore life and biodiversity to the soil, not kill off all the beneficial biology. He uses sustainable and even regenerative farming practices, to not only sustain the natural resources, but help regenerate them. By using a rotational grazing technique, he creates an ideal environment for grass growth while also returning carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil. This leaves the land better than it was before as well as creates a carbon sink which reduces total greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Healthy soil produces healthy food and a healthy atmosphere. These things in turn improve the health of the human population.

Shop online through the Greener Grazing store for a selection of grass-finished beef products like prime rib roast, chuck roasts and stew beef. From striploin and sirloin to ribeye and flank, they've got steaks for days. Or stock up your freezer with one of their assorted boxes. Their pastured pork and non-GMO chickens come by the half or whole animal. Load up your virtual shopping cart and get ethical, sustainable meat delivered right to your door — it's free for Toronto and all of Southern Ontario.  

Ditch the supermarket mystery meat and go for Greener Grazing's delicious, nutrient-dense meat products. They offer full transparency about their products, practices and where their meat comes from. Shop their line of ethical, sustainable meat so you can feel good down to the last bite. 

To start shopping for ethical, sustainable meat or to learn more about Greener Grazing, head to