As much as we love some of the activities Canada’s cold months offer, there’s nothing quite like the spring and summer freedom to gather with friends and family outdoors. It’s where the best times are had: laughing at inside jokes and getting nostalgic about the good old days while sipping on cool beverages and enjoying a delicious meal, hot off the grill.

Of course, these events need a centrepiece — a spot where the crowd can gather, sit and enjoy the good times. Usually, that's a worn, weathered and wobbly plastic table you're always just a little worried might tip over, or an ordinary heavy wood picnic table that has seen better days. While ol' faithful might be handy in a pinch, let's be honest — plastic furniture is a bit of an eyesore. Luckily for all of us, there's a solution out there for all of these problems: a Canada Beergarden table set.

Canada Beergarden sets have been the sturdy centrepiece for the best times for years — and now they’re available in Toronto, directly imported from Germany. With traditional craftsmanship and a long, narrow European design that favours conviviality, life’s simple pleasures are always being served in plentitudes around a Canada Beergarden set.

Canada Beergarden tables | Couple sitting at Beergarden table

If you’re looking for a bit more space, The Hannelore offers a wider platform to accommodate larger families and heartier meals. Whatever the group or occasion, community and companionship have a permanent seat around one of these gorgeous tables.

Canada Beergarden tables | Complete Beergarden table set

The carefully selected materials and meticulous workmanship mean these sets are guaranteed to amplify a space’s elegance. A Canada Beergarden set is the finishing piece needed to create a beautiful and functional backyard oasis and soak up its memories. Want to take your gathering beyond your home? No problem — Canada Beergarden sets feature a stand alone table and benches that are light to carry and easy to move, fold and store, giving you complete freedom over the next spot to set your good times.

While we wish summer could last forever, winter will one day return — and on that day, your home will gain an elegant new piece of furniture. A Canada Beergarden set will fit right in with your home decor: Consider using the single benches to display your extensive book library, array of vibrant plants or record collection. However you use it, a Beergarden set will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Canada Beergarden tables | Beergarden table set outdoors on patio

The tables aren’t just functional and gorgeous: they’re affordable and last for life, too. Canada Beergarden offers a new way of outdooring — it’s no wonder the sets have been famous overseas for decades. Their popularity has already been established on this side of the pond — over the past five years of business, their tables and benches have popped up in notable restaurants, breweries and private homes in Montreal and in some of the best event spaces across the country.

If you’re looking to create a festive, relaxed outdoor space for the season, a Canada Beergarden set is the way to go.

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