Retrieving pans from our kitchen cupboards is often a Jenga-like exercise – but that doesn't mean we're not perpetually on the lookout for the perfect piece of cooking weaponry. Case in point: Lagostina's Stainless Steel 4 Qt. Dutch Oven, made in collaboration with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, might seem like just another pot. However, thanks to a few great features, we were only too happy to make room for it in our overburdened closets.

The stainless steel 4-quart Dutch oven is big enough to whip up a variety of dishes, while also being shallow enough to cook food evenly on top of the stove. Plus, it can handle temperatures of up to 500 F, meaning you can bake and broil almost anything – without the usual food-sticking-to-the-pan headache. Bonus: its flared edges makes pouring sauces or transporting meals into dishes a breeze.

Unlike other heavier Dutch ovens, Lagostina's classy cookware is designed to work just as well on your counter as it does in the oven. With a stainless steel body and hammered copper lid, the stylish pot looks at home on the dinner table with other serving dishes, plus its tight-fitting copper lid retains moisture and heat long after it's removed from the stovetop.