Katie Bridges

Katie Bridges


Katie Bridges is a cheese-loving, tea-guzzling Brit who moved to Toronto from London, England — and never left. When she's not checking out the best food spots across the city, you'll find her shaking up a cocktail with gin and egg whites at her home bar or bothering her dog.

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5 meal prep gadgets to save time and energy

Keep your healthy eating resolutions with these gadgets that make meal prep easier, from an all-in-one 'robot' to a finger-sparing mandoline.

Project Gigglewater's unpretentious, layered cocktails

Named after a prohibition term for hooch, Project Gigglewater serves no-fuss, classic cocktails in a casual Dundas West drinking den. Try the recipes tonight.

The best thing about this Michelin-recommended restaurant isn't even the food

Sara on Portland Street is serving one of the most-loved tasting menus in the city — but the wine pairings are on a whole other level. Book your spot now.

9 bottles of wine you need under the tree this holiday

'Tis the season to reflect on our favourite sippers of the year. Presenting: The holiday wine that ought to be on your Christmas list (and in your cellar).

These cheerful cocktail recipes from Sunnys Chinese will brighten your day

Head to Sunnys Chinese for innovative, bright and colourful cocktails that work well on their own or go down smooth with their food’s bold and spicy flavours.

4 warm winter recipes from "The Lemon Apron"

Jennifer Emilson, creator of the award-winning food blog, The Lemon Apron, shares four delicious winter recipes from her new cookbook that celebrates the seasons.

These Toronto steakhouses are a cut above the rest

Long-standing favourites and trendy hotspots to enjoy a fine cut of meat with all the accompaniments — these are Toronto's best steakhouses.

Michael Bonacini tells us why Toronto's Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is a must this year

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is back in person and celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Michael Bonacini of Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants tells us why you need a ticket.

Rhum Corner's dark 'n stormy cocktail recipe

Haitian bar Rhum Corner on Dundas West serves a peppercorn-spiced version of the dark 'n stormy cocktail. Try the recipe tonight.

Alder, inside the Ace Hotel Toronto, is yet another masterclass in seasonality

Snuggle up next to the open flames of the wood-fired grill at Alder — or lounge at The Lobby — and tuck into Patrick Kriss' fancy Mediterranean fare.

"I've never eaten in my restaurants ... and I never will," says chef Patrick Kriss

We chat with Alo's Patrick Kriss about the Michelin Guide's arrival in Canada, "fussy" tasting menus and his new spot Alder inside the Ace Hotel.

Restaurant Pearl Morissette is making the best food in the province

Toronto's Michelin Guide might not extend beyond the GTA, but the farm-fresh, super seasonal ingredients at Niagara's Restaurant Pearl Morissette deserve all the fanfare.

Gargoyle Wine Club's Scott Zebarth turns wine into water

Gargoyle Wine Club co-founder Scott Zebarth speaks about their partnership with, plus their unpretentious wine bar at Bloor and Ossington.

"The Michelin Guide signifies that we are on the world stage"

Nick Donato, the president of Liberty Entertainment Group, tells us about bringing Don Alfonso 1890 to Toronto and why the Michelin Guide matters.

Toronto now has a Black and Indigenous farmers’ market

This summer, there's a new addition to the farmers' market circuit. We chat with the founder and vendors setting up shop at Deeply Rooted, Toronto’s first Black and Indigenous farmers’ market.

Dinner at Henry's is the best meal we've had all year

A selection of rare wines and a seasonal menu of inventive and delicious small plates make for the best meal of the year at Henry's on Queen Street West.

Our pick of the best Kensington Market restaurants and bars

Kensington Market has fought to stave off chains and big-box stores — the result is an eclectic, laid-back neighbourhood that is ripe for dining.

4 Naughty and nautical tropical cocktail recipes

Heed the siren call of Port Light on Bloor. Their nautical, tropical cocktail recipes are so boozy, you'll be crawling the plank.

Why Niagara's Benchlands must be on your summer hit list

Wineries in the Niagara Benchlands region may be lesser-known, but Katie Bridges finds that the area’s unique terroir and complex wines are unmissable.

Tutti Matti: Italian dishes 20 years in the making

Alida Solomon tells all about her journey from novice chef at an Italian osteria to the owner of Toronto’s go-to spot for authentic Tuscan fare.