The 5 best wineries in Beamsville, Niagara to visit this summer

Skip the crowds in Niagara-on-the-Lake and head to Beamsville's wineries instead. The town is adorable, closer to Toronto and home to some of the best wineries in the region.

Best wineries in Beamsville | A drone shot of Rosewood Estates Winery

It might not have the same name recognition as Niagara-on-the-Lake's wineries, but the wineries in Beamsville, Niagara are becoming increasingly popular. Just over an hour from Toronto, Beamsville has a cute town with boutique accommodations and some of Ontario's most-awarded wineries. If you're not already familiar with the charms of Niagara's Benchlands and the Beamsville area, that needs to change this summer. 

Unlike some bigger NOTL establishments, Beamsville's wineries are less commercial and offer a friendly and inviting atmosphere. It's not uncommon to be served by the owners, who are happy to walk you through their wines and backstory. 

Beamsville benefits from a unique microclimate influenced by Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. The lake moderates temperatures, preventing extremes and extending the growing season, while the escarpment provides natural air drainage, reducing the risk of frost. It also has several mineral-rich soils, like clay, sand, limestone and shale, which contribute to producing quality wines like riesling, cabernet franc and chardonnay. 

We've rounded up the best wineries in the Beamsville Bench region, so all you have to do is plan your trip to Niagara.

The best wineries in Beamsville, Niagara

1. Rosewood Estates Winery

4352 Mountainview Rd., Beamsville

A mainstay on Toronto wine lists, Rosewood has a cult following, and with good reason. In addition to their commitment to organic and high-quality wines, the family-owned establishment is one of the few wineries in Canada producing mead, made by fermenting the honey harvested from their onsite apiary.

Observe Rosewood's innovative winemaking methods in wine like Flora, a rosé made using press and saignée (bleeding) methods, and White Rabbit, a vegan-friendly white blend that is 100 per cent wild fermented and aged in stainless steel, while you soak in the beautiful Beamsville views.

2. Thirty Bench Wine Makers

4281 Mountainview Rd., Beamsville

Perhaps the best example of the Beamsville Bench's unique characteristics, Thirty Bench Winemakers will charm you from the moment you arrive. From its rustic barn aesthetic and picturesque views of the vineyards and Lake Ontario to the philosophy and expertise behind its much-accoladed wines, the small lot winery has plenty of reasons for a first, second and third visit.

Thirty Bench focuses on small lot wines, leading to meticulously made and artisanal expressions in small quantities. As the names suggest ('Steel Post' and 'Triangle Vineyard') there is a huge focus on traceability, as well as sustainability, leading to some high-calibre award-winning wines you need to grab a bottle of on your way out.

Pro tip: If nobody wants to be the designated driver, some wineries are close enough that you can cycle (carefully) between stops. 

3. Hidden Bench Estate Winery

4152 Locust Ln., Beamsville

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No visit to Beamsville is complete without a stop at Hidden Bench Estate Winery, the 2023 Canadian Winery of the Year. Since opening in 2003, owner and vigneron Harald Thiel has put an emphasis on terroir-driven wine made using sustainable and non-interventionist techniques. The organic winery uses only fruit from its vineyards across its three series: the Estate Series, which are blends of all three vineyards; the Terroir Series, a single vineyard or barrel selection for limited production wines; and the Rachis and Derma series, which represents Hidden Bench's natural wine offerings. Allow the vineyard's pristine rows to mesmerize you as you try a glass or two on their secluded patio.

4. Megalomaniac Wines

3930 Cherry Ave., Vineland

Since opening its doors in 2007, Megalomaniac Wines has been known for its whimsical bottles (peep the distinguished gentlemen in bowler hats) and award-winning grapes. However, a visit to the winery is something else entirely. Its location on top of the escarpment in Vineland not only gives it unique viticulture but also the best view in Niagara's wine country.

Initially created by Johnathan Howard as a retirement side project to raise funds, the winery has become known for creating some truly fantastic Canadian wine. Grab a table on their stunning patio and enjoy gourmet snacks or get up close to the grapes on a guided walk through the vineyards on an Estate Tour and Tasting.

5. Tawse Winery

3955 Cherry Ave. Vineland

Moray Tawse purchased this property back in 2000, launching five years later with state-of-the-art technology. The family-owned winery has been making organic and biodynamic wine ever since, winning Canadian Winery of the Year multiple times and collecting accolades for its excellent chardonnay, pinot noir, riesling, cabernet franc and gewürztraminer expressions.

Take a tour around the trailblazing facility designed with the intention of being environmentally friendly, including its underground cellars, which age the wine at optimal temperatures. There are plenty of reasons to get outside, too. Say hello to the sheep and goats, used to maintain the vines, or sip on Tawse's gorgeous courtyard.

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