Spring looks good on you, Toronto. There's no denying it. Even the mud and construction seem better when that warm(ish) sun shines down, melting away our memories of winter. As soon as the temperature crawls past 10 C, we find ourselves reaching for something chilled and refreshing.

In preparation for spring and summer, the LCBO has launched a collection of over 90 new ready-to-drink products, including innovative and exciting flavours that bring bar quality beverages in a convenient can, so you can soak up every second of backyard sunshine or balcony afternoons.

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You can also shop at lcbo.com and on the LCBO app. When you order online, you can get products delivered to your home or nearest LCBO location for same-day pickup in two hours or less.

If the LCBO were a person, they'd be that cool friend who is always in-the-know about what's new and trending. Every time you go in-store or shop online, you're guaranteed to discover something exciting that you can “cheers” with at the next cottage weekend or after-work hang.

From Canadian-made bevvies to innovations from our neighbours down south (yes, High Noon has landed on this side of the border), there is no shortage of sips and swills to keep you entertained this spring and summer. 

While vodka-based or malt-based seltzers (hello, White Claw) have been the most popular, the offerings have expanded widely this year to include fresh flavours and new spirit bases like tea seltzers, gin sodas and nostalgia-in-a-can with products like ranch water, a tequila-based soda that originated in Texas back in the 1960s.

Not sure what to pick up on your next LCBO run? Check out our list below of favourite new RTDs and variety packs available at the LCBO this spring!

1. French 75 Gin Cocktail, $2.95

Inspired by the classic French 75 cocktail, this gin-based, naturally flavoured beauty is infused with Ontario sparking rosé for a light, effervescent taste with a hint of strawberry and lemon flavours. It pairs well with a cheeseboard or fresh summer salad (we're cheeseboard people). 


2. Coldstream Peach Iced Tea, $3.25  

Something about sipping this natural peach iced tea from a family-owned Nova Scotia distillery makes us want to run away to the coast and buy a house with a big wraparound porch. It's brewed with Tetley tea, made with Canadian vodka, and tastes like a sweet (but not too sweet) dream.


3. White Claw Surf Variety Pack, $31.95 (12 x 355ml)


4. Cutwater Rum Mint Mojito, $3.25

As much as we love the scent of fresh muddled mint, we love it even more when it's already done for us. California Cutwater white rum blends perfectly with soda water, natural cane sugar, muddled mint and lime for an easy, breezy spring/summer sipper. 


5. Wyatt Rose Mexican Lime Ranch Water, $2.85

You're going to see ranch water everywhere this season, and Wyatt Rose does it right with their Blue Agave Tequila and bright Colima lime flavour with notes of refreshing cucumber. Made in Canada with the flavours of Mexico, it's the perfect low-calorie and low-sugar drink. 


6. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Paloma, $11.95 (4 x 355 ml can)



7. The Keg “Keg Size” Caesar, $3.65 

We've been known to go to The Keg just for their large and in charge "Keg Size" caesar (not the salad version, although that is good too). It's about time someone put their famous caesar in a can. Made with The Keg's iconic caesar mix and Canadian vodka, this seven per cent-er is savoury, smooth and expertly balanced.


8. Simply Spiked Lemonade Variety Pack, $29.95 (12 x 355ml)


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