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Wednesday 6 March 2024 at 19:00 - 23:59

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While small talk is great for dodging awkward silences, if we're being frank, it can get exhausting. If we have to summarize our last work project for the umpteenth time, we might scream. Not only that, but surface-level conversation often acts as a big barrier that prevents meaningful connections from forming between strangers at the dinner table. 

To celebrate International Women's Day, a dinner event at the gorgeous W Toronto is skipping small talk in favour of getting comfortable having deeper conversations.

Hosted by writer and community facilitator Jess Janz, Dinner With Strangers: Connecting & Telling Our Stories invites 20 guests up to the hotel's Skylight Rooftop for a delectable three-course Mediterranean feast. Curated by W Toronto's chefs, it promises to be a meal you won't ever forget.

Skylight Rooftop bar at W Toronto

Janz will guide a powerful discussion about individuality that aims to break down our barriers. It's all with the goal of connecting and sharing your true self with the other people you're sharing a meal with. You'll connect with like-minded others, make new friends and maybe even learn something new about the complex lives we all live.

If you're looking for even more important discussions surrounding International Women's Day, Janz is also hosting What She Said at W Toronto. The panel of speakers will centre around amplifying voices, growing empowering environments and inspiring more women to share their stories.

Dinner with Strangers: Connecting & Telling Our Stories, $150 per person