Pour the egg nog, put on your best festive sweater and stick some reindeer antlers on your head: The countdown to the holidays is officially on and we're definitely not mad about it – especially because we're tracking the days with one of these cool advent calendars that are anything but childish.

There's just one problem: with gifting season comes gift-buying season. But this year there's literally no excuse for a bad present, because, well, we've all had quite a lot of extra time to think about it. But just in case you need a helping hand, we've got you covered with the tastiest food and drink holidays gifts of 2020. 

Personalized chocolate that's both delicious and sustainably sourced? Tick. A vegan take on egg nog that's tastier than the original? Tick. Games, books and booze? Tick, tick and tick. Sit back, relax and allow us to do the hard work for you. Now pass us a glass of champagne, will you?

Food and drink holiday gifts: party starters 

Food and drink holiday Christmas gifts | A flat lay of holiday-themed gifts

1. Earth's Own Almond Nog, $3.69

Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free – this almond nog is all kinds of naughty and nice. Just add a generous slug of booze... 


2. Final Touch Rock Glass & Ice Ball, $19.50

Specially shaped to help enhance aromas, this rock glass also comes with a mould to make a single solid ice ball that will melt at just the right speed.


3. That Boutique-Y Gin Company Advent Calendar, $99.95

A new mini gin for every day in the lead up to Christmas? That’s the kind of daily habit we can get on board with.


4. Oui Walnut & Brass Cheese Knives Set, $39.50

Well if you're going to get the board, it would be rude not to get the knives, non?


5. Kringol Dip Bowls, $18.88

Make even a store-bought dip look fancy by serving it in this beautiful bowl.


6. Zambonelli Fine Foods Dukkah, $10

Dukkah: the spice you never knew you needed. Sprinkle on everything from avos to puddings to pasta.


7. Oui Marble & Acacia Wood Round Board, $39.50

Sleek, sophisticated and almost too beautiful to serve cheese on. Almost.


8. Whiskey Glasses 4-piece set, $39.99

A classic cut glass for drinking everything from whiskey to water.


9. Bushmills Malt 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey, $49.95

Matured in bourbon and oloroso sherry casks for a light, fruity and spicy finish.


10. Gin: How to Drink It, $21.99

A magnum opus dedicated to one of Toronto's most-popular spirits. One for serious aficionados only.


11. Merry Christmas Chocogram, $7.50 

These personalized bars are so much more than milk chocolate. They're made with sustainably grown cocoa that helps make clean water, medicine and education possible in rural cocoa-growing communities around the world.


Food and drink holiday gifts: the main event

Food and drink holiday Christmas gifts | A flat lay of holiday-themed gifts

1. Chocolat de Kat 9-piece box, $24

Made with real butter, nuts and fruit purées, these chocolates are as fancy as they look.


2. Stoneware dinner plates, from $15.99

Dinnerware that's sturdy and stylish enough to stand the test of time.


3. HOMQUEN 20-Piece Silverware Flatware Cutlery Set, $45.99

Ditch worn old silverware and upgrade to this cool, contemporary cutlery set.


4. Siena 8 oz. Crystal All Purpose Wine Glass (set of 4), $76.99

Timeless and elegant glasses just crying out for wine.


5. Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon, $19.95

Dark, mysterious and made in California.


6. The Knife Set, $190

The essential arsenal for any keen cook.


7. The Serving Bowl, $49

Whether it's holding popcorn or salad, this understated serving bowl will stand up to any occasion.


8. Big Macs & Burgundy: Wine Pairings for the Real World, $31.99

 Real talk: wine doesn’t have to mean fancy. A 21st century guide to drinking the greatest grapes for just about any meal – yes, even a Big Mac.


9. Candle, $125

A hand-poured candle housed in a hand-blown vessel makes for a gift as special as they are.


10. Faye Napkins, $24.99

Available in natural hues, these make for the perfect addition to any table spread.


Food and drink holiday gifts: sweet endings

Food and drink holiday Christmas gifts | A flat lay of holiday-themed gifts

1. Seacuterie Board, $59.99

Shell ya! Thanks to this serve set of Canada’s-best-in-a-can from P.E.I. mussels to Ontario trout, you’ll be the host with the most this sea-son.


2. Matcha Spoon, $5

Made with 100 per cent stainless steel, this spoon holds the exact right amount of matcha to make sure you have merrier mornings.


3. Matcha tea whisk, $20 

Used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, this bamboo whisk will whisk you away to a perfect cup every time. Kanpai!


4. David’s Tea 24 Days of Matcha, $65

Dreaming of a green Christmas? This advent calendar filled with matcha green tea and surprise treats will make you wish for more days until Christmas.


5. The Cocktail Dictionary, $22

Sure spelling is great and all, but an A to Z guide to cocktails and their recipes seems like a way more useful life skill.


6. Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium, $219

This premium coffee and espresso machine will have your cup ready with the touch of a button. Happy holidays, indeed.


7. Nespresso Vertuo Capsules (box of 50), $50.80

Level up your cup with an assortment of Nespresso pods from smooth and strong Intenso to the creamy Altissio.


8. Lume Coffee Mug (set of 2), $34

Your precious caffeine deserves the right kind of vessel with a sleek design and a soft matte finish.


9. Lume Capsule Dispenser, $32

Like a cookie jar for tired grownups, this contemporary capsule can hold up to 60 original Nespresso capsules.


10. Vodkow Cream based liquor, $29.95

A lactose-free dairy cream liquor?! Sign us up, heck, put it in your coffee, we won’t tell.


11. The Hygge Game, $25.40

If you’re looking to upgrade your cozy game, why not try an actual game of “cozy conversion in pleasant company.”


12. Oui Gold Rim Lowball Glasses (set of 4), $39.50

These may be lowball glasses but you’ll be living the highlife with an elegant hand-etched texture and a gold rim. Oui, please.


13. Chocolate strawberries by Elysha Varenbut Sweets, from $18

Let’s be real, fruit just tastes better when it’s dipped in chocolate, plus you’re practically guaranteed nice-list status with these sweet treats.


14. Coast Drink Stones, $19.99

Avoid watering down your festive tipple with these freezable drink stones that won’t melt like snow.


15. Hennessy V.S Faith XLVII, $68.95 

Feel like Drake with a glass of Hennessy, a full-bodied, after-dinner cognac with flavours of toasted almond, fresh grapes and citrus zest.


16. Drink tray, $60.90

Fancy holiday cocktails call for an even fancier marble serving tray with gold metal handles.