The hospitality industry is a well-oiled machine that's built on more than chefs and servers. Behind the curtain of your favourite food and drink events, there's a world of suppliers and managers who help to keep the service industry operating and flowing smoothly.

For the second episode of In the Kitchen with Foodism: A Day in the Life, we follow Daniel Vergara, the general manager and catering connoisseur at Arcadian Court, Oliver & Bonacini's event venue in the heart of downtown Toronto. Each year, the stunning ballroom hosts countless corporate events and social celebrations that see hundreds of visitors. No matter who the guest of honour is, Vergara is in charge of seeing that the day goes off without a hitch.

We shadow Vergara and his team from the moment they open Arcadian Court and through every step of preparation, coordination and service that goes into a full-day event with multiple meals being served at key times in between presentations and sessions. Does it all go smoothly? Watch the latest episode to find out.

The video series, in partnership with George Brown College, showcases the rich tapestry of the hospitality industry. Not only does a course or class at the elite culinary school equip students with a number of skills, but it can also put them on a path to an exciting career.

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