After days of contemplating, I finally answered a question that has dogged man for the duration of his existence; a query so potent, it caused me days of indecisive anguish. “Do I buy a new chef’s knife, or a whole knife set?”

Ol’ trusty, my former kitchen blade tucked haphazardly in my utensil drawer, was tired, flimsy and had been dismally dull for a while. Everyone knows it’s unsafe to cook with a knife that isn’t sharp — but do I simply replace my primary blade, or bite the bullet and go for a full collection?

Kilne Ultimate Knife Set review | The white six-piece Kilne Ultimate Knife Set on a white counter

When I first set eyes on Kilne’s Ultimate Knife Set — four cooking knives, kitchen shears, a honing rod and six steak knives bathed in a creamy warm-white “sugar” colour — my mind was made up. I already had a lot of faith in Kilne as a brand after trying out their Everything Pan, so I went all in.

Kilne Ultimate Knife Set: First Impressions

I received my set, and could hardly control my excitement. I practically yelped as I extracted the sleek and sexy wooden knife block from the prison of its packaging. It fit like a glove beside the sink on my kitchen countertop, equal parts art piece and functional appliance. How had I not always owned Kilne knives?

Kilne Ultimate Knife Set | White Kilne chef's knife and white paring knife with chopped vegetables and fruits

The Ultimate Knife Set also includes two acacia blocks that house three steak knives apiece. They’re both magnetic, too, and stick to the larger block or to each other. It's a unique feature that offers welcome customization and storage options in my kitchen. I opted for attaching them to the main knife block.

Blocks are important, but let’s get down to brass tax — or, in this case, strong German steel. As I examined each knife, I was thoroughly impressed by their razor-sharpness and substantial handle weight. They felt sturdy, reliable and professional. I was particularly dazzled by the thin-blade, seven-inch santoku, which gleams brilliantly under my ceiling pot lights. As my obsession deepened, I couldn't help but feel like Gollum muttering, "my precious."

Kilne Ultimate Knife set review | Kilne eight inch bread knife with sliced loaf of bread

Kilne Ultimate Knife Set: What else?

I've been using Kilne's Ultimate Knife set for a few months now, and they've been thoroughly battle-tested in the warzone that is my kitchen. I can confidently say these knives hold up to this day; I continue to feel little bursts of joy when the eight-inch chef’s knife, even after consistent daily use, slices right through lemon seeds and carves up carrots like they’re butter.

They’re also perfectly balanced, with the heavier handle making it easier to execute extra-precise slices, when, say, julienning ginger. Chopping is a breeze, too — I feel like I'm in total control of where the blade is landing on my cutting board. These knives have made cooking in my kitchen a quick, stress-free and, dare I say, fun experience, every time.

Kilne Ultimate Knife Set review | Person chopping a tomato on a cutting board with the Kilne Ultimate Knife Set chef's knife

My one concern with using white knives is that they might stain, especially because I regularly cook with spices like turmeric and curry powder. Good news, fellow spice-users; Even the brightest yellow stains wash off with a drop of dish soap and some light scrubbing. Sitting in my kitchen now, their colour is still as pristine as the day I first opened them.

I can’t recommend these Kilne knives enough. If you’re toying with the idea of getting a full knife set, Kilne’s Ultimate Knife Set is a worthy investment.

The Ultimate Knife Set, currently on sale for $395;