There's nothing like a pandemic to teach the world about food chains — but it's not just the chefs of the industry who know a thing or two about working closely with their community of makers and creators. Tosho Knife Arts has been connecting Toronto with Japanese blades since 2010, specializing in high-quality, handmade Japanese kitchen knives, whetstones and knife sharpening services. 

Tosho Knife Arts — which recently relocated from its Mirvish Village outpost to 934 Bathurst Street — has close relationships with the craftspeople who make the Japanese knives and over 20 years of professional experience within the knife sharpening and food industry. The result is a collection of superior, long-lasting kitchen equipment that's the perfect treat to yourself during the pandemic. 

Tosho Knife Arts | Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

If you love cooking, but struggle with the prep, there's a good chance that your knife game is duller than Ontario's third lockdown. Tosho's lineup of hand-forged Japanese steel blades made by skilled individuals will give your cooking an edge — and allow you to get creative in the kitchen with all the time saved now you're not sawing through veggies (or fingers). From paring knives and chef's knives with cherry wood handles to sashimi slicers and blades for butchery, you're guaranteed an artisanal product that's been crafted by knowledgeable hands.

Olivia Go heads up the Toronto side of operations, while her business partner Ivan Fonseca deals with knife and sword makers on the ground in Japan. Fancy knives that use original katana (sword) making techniques may seem a little intimidating, but Tosho's expert team is on hand to help you choose the right one for you and take care of it for years to come. In addition to knives, whetstones and cutting boards, Tosho offers a sharpening service so you can get the most life out of your blade.

For Japanese excellence from a local Toronto business, head to Tosho Knife Arts today or browse their stunning knife collection at @toshoknifearts and @toshoworks