While we love cold brew as a warm weather caffeine alternative, you can be sure we'll be drinking it long after summer is over. Whether you're rushing to the subway in the morning or looking for a way to caffeinate on tap on the weekend, KitchenAid's Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a great coffee option if you don't require your java scolding hot.

The immersion-style cold brewer (coffee soaked in cold water for an extended period of time) is easy to use, with a removable steeper that also makes cleaning a breeze. Its small and compact nature makes it an easy fit in your home or office fridge – just make sure you keep it on the edge of the shelf so you can fully utilize its spout function.

We found the filter pretty effective – hardly any coffee grounds made their way through into our smooth cup of cold brew. While the machine isn't the smallest on the market, the attractive packaging that's become a hallmark of KitchenAid products meant that we didn't mind having it on display on the counter or chilled in the fridge.

$139.98, walmart.ca