The reality is, there are two major pitfalls to sipping from a stemless glass. First and foremost, you end up messing with the temperature of your wine. Second, you lose some of your ability to swirl wine in the glass and unlock all those excellent aromas. At least, that's what we learned at the launch of the Zwilling Prédicat line in May. We've been using the glasses ever since, and they've proven themselves pretty game-changing.

Prédicat is everything you look for in a wine glass: a thin crystal rim, but enough heft to assure you it won't break in the sink if it slips from your hand. (Pro tip: they're also dishwasher safe.)

If you're a real aficionado, you'll appreciate the range of differently-shaped bowls, to suit the structure and aromatics of different wines. For most people, though, the basic Burgundy collection will do nicely.

$140 for 6;