In the blazing heat of Toronto’s hottest summer days, we’re reaching for a tall, ice-cold beverage to cool us down — and there aren’t many drinks taller than The Muskoka Long Drink.

From Muskoka Spirits, this delicious new handcrafted gin-based cocktail comes in at a whopping 568 mL of pure refreshment and is the first drink of its kind to come to market in Canada. Bright, crisp and bursting with juicy citrus, The Muskoka Long Drink mixes premium dry gin with soda and subtle grapefruit. It has an immaculately clean finish that tastes just like summer. The best part? It’s available at an LCBO near you now, so make sure you stock up for those upcoming long weekends and camping trips.

Muskoka Long Drink can on a wooden table with sliced grapefruit

Grab your portable speaker, a squeeze-bottle of sunscreen and your cooler full of The Muskoka Long Drink, and you’re set for the season. Whether you’re tanning on your cottage deck, or simply catching a few rays on your condo balcony, this drink will get you in the mood to unwind and enjoy some good vibes and good times.

A person holding a can of The Long Drink near a house plant

While we’d gladly sip our way through an entire can of The Muskoka Long Drink in the sunshine, the unique extra-tall can makes it perfect for pouring over ice, garnishing with a grapefruit twist and sharing with friends, too.

The Long Drink hails from Finland. It was first introduced during the 1952 Olympics and remains a cultural staple there today. Now, it’s catching on across the U.S., and we can see why — the extra room makes it a great bang for your buck. Muskoka, like Finland, has countless lakes, pristine forests and steamy saunas, making it the perfect place to produce the first Canadian take on the Nordic classic.

We can’t wait to share summer fun and The Muskoka Long Drink with our friends this year. It’s light, refreshing and available now at the LCBO.

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