With so much to do and so little summer to fit it into, scheduling time for fun — let alone chores — can be a challenge. That's why we're outsourcing all of the boring bits to the experts, freeing us up for patio-hopping and sun-worshipping.

If you love a good bargain as much as we do, but don't live nearby to a Walmart, you can still enjoy the same low prices as you would in-store. Customers can now have groceries delivered directly to their door in as little as two hours — that's less time than it takes us to agree on what movie we're watching (*makes mental note to add popcorn to our shopping basket*).

Simply schedule an order of at least $35 and Walmart will deliver your groceries as quickly as two hours later. Select your scheduled delivery time for $14.97 (or less for delivery within five hours), and pretty soon your items will be winging their way to you. Which gives you more time to call your mom, do some yoga, smell the roses — or maybe just take a nap. With more delivery slots than ever before, you don't have to be organized to enjoy stress-free, tasty meals at home, or avoid disaster when you run out of essentials and don't want to change your plans.

If, like us, you enjoy squeezing your tomatoes and hand selecting those strawberries in-store for optimal ripeness, don't sweat it. Walmart’s Fresh Guarantee guarantees that you'll receive the freshest produce, making your online ordering experience as satisfactory as if you'd gone to the store and individually poked the produce yourself (we're not judging).

And it's not just produce that's on offer. The Walmart Online Groceries service has added a ton of other categories, meaning you can order your favourite beauty items, toys for kids, cookware items and much more at the click of a button.

Walmart has been committed to safety throughout the pandemic, ensuring that all COVID protocols are carried out. Online groceries are no different — their contactless delivery guarantees doorstep delivery so you don't have to deal with anything (except dinner) after you checkout.

Walmart knows that seeing is believing, which is why they're offering first-timers a little something special. New customers will receive $15 off of their first three Walmart Online Grocery purchases* with the code CANADA45 when they spend a minimum of $75** (*must be a new customer, **before taxes and fees). Summer's calling. What are you waiting for? walmart.ca/grocery